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Our dogs need less heeling, and more healing.

Corey Cohen

Psychological Well-Being for Companion Animals

Specializing in:
– Shelter and rescue animals.
– Attachment trauma, PTSD, stress, anxiety, excitability, fear and reactivity.
– Somatic and touch therapy for dogs.
– S.I.T. (Stress Inoculation Training) for dogs.
*Based on the current findings of neuroscience and the mind-body connection.*
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Available for speaking engagements and in-person consultations.
Contact Corey at corey@pathoffriendship.com to learn more.  

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Corey M. Cohen, Bio

Corey Cohen is a companion animal emotion and behavior consultant, mindfulness instructor and canine relationship counsellor with over 35 years specializing in fear, anxiety, trauma, reactivity, aggression and PTSD in companion animals. His unique Mindfulness-Based Animal Behavior Therapy (based on trauma-informed care principles and neuroscience), Path of Friendship programs and his C. A. L. M.  classes for people and dogs are empowering alternatives to standard dog training.
His mindfulness seminars for individuals, universities, wellness centers, and top corporations has helped reduce stress and anxiety and given people a fresh perspective on life… Read more here…





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