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Devoted to problem-free relationships with our dogs through the healing power of connection.

“Healing Together With Our Dogs”
…for a problem-free relationship.

Problems with your dog? 
Specializing in shelter and rescue dogs, and dogs with PTS, stress, anxiety, fear and aggression – using mindful attunement, somatic awareness, compassionate communication, respect, trust and dignity. Learn more.

Available for speaking engagements, video and in-person consultations.
Contact Corey at corey@pathoffriendship.com to learn more.  


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While you’re here, check out our Blog  and our 30 Days of Mindful Mutt Moments.

30 Days of Mindful Mutt Moments
Corey M. Cohen, Bio


Corey Cohen is an animal behavior consultant and relationship educator, mindfulness teacher, and canine emotional intelligence instructor with over 35 years of helping people connect with their dogs on a deeper level. His unique Mindfulness-Based Animal Behavior Therapy™, Path of Friendship™ programs and his C. A. L. M.  classes for people and dogs are empowering alternatives to standard dog training.
His mindfulness seminars for individuals, universities, wellness centers, and top corporations has helped reduce stress and anxiety and given people a fresh perspective on life.  Read more here…

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