A New Leash on Life

Behavioral, Emotional & Relational Wellness for You & Your Dog

Serving northeastern PA and northern NJ

Corey Cohen



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Specializing in shelter and rescue dogs, and dogs with PTSD, anxiety, fear and emotional trauma.
 Creating Emotional Support Teams between people and their dogs.

“The healing power of friendship.”

• Behavior consultant to veterinarians across NJ, NY, VT, and PA.

 • Behavior consultant to animal shelters and rescue groups in PA,VT, NY, & NJ.

• Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor.

• Creator of Mindfulness-Based Animal Behavior Therapy℠, Interpersonal Companion Animal Relational Enrichment (I.C.A.R.E.) Therapy℠ and C.A.L.M. Class.

• Produced “A New Leash On Life” 6 episode Television Series (NY cable).

• Qualified in New York, New Jersey, and Vermont to give expert Testimony in cases involving aggressive dogs.

• PTSD, emotional trauma, anxiety & fear specialist, and E. S. Dogs.

• Co-authored “Walking the Path of Success with your Dog”.

• Cornell University, Canine Behavior Problem Solving.

• Bachelor’s Psychology; Advanced study Metaphysical Theology & Eastern Religion.

• Guest lecturer University of Scranton, Eastern religion.

• Facilitator Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence.  

• Former Consultant to Police K-9 Units – Stony Point, NY & Brooklyn, NY. 

• Training Director Big Apple Schutzhund club.

• Training Director K9 Search & Rescue – Sutton,VT.

• Director of Vermont Center for Animal Behavior, 1995-2001.

• Branch Behavior & Operations Director Pennsylvania SPCA, 2009-2012.

• Owner/Instructor Awakenings Meditation, 2011 – present.

• Author Path of Friendship blog.

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